Professional soft long jump for dog agility

Professional, soft long jump for dog agility is perfect for your sport dog training. The long jump is produced from soft foam covered with waterproof fabrics. It ensures your dog’s safety even if your dog hits it or knocks it down when jumping over it. 

The long jump conforms to the newest FCI regulations, therefore can be used both in training and during official agility competitions. As the soft long jump is resistant to all weather conditions, such as rain or wind, it can be used on any level competition and in any weather.


Four elements in colours of your choice

The long jump for dog agility consists of four soft elements of the jump and four side poles.

Each of the poles is attached to heavy, but soft, round base that is safe for both the dog and the handler even when knocked down.

The third and fourth elements of the long jump are fitted with weights at the bottom, which make them more stable and wind-resistant. 


We also recommend soft wall

soft wall

Colours: as attached.

Also possible in other colour combinations without additional charge.

All available colours:

Pattern book 1 (B8000 series)

Pattern book 2 (B9000 series)

You can choose more colours for one obstacle.


Availability: shipping within 21-30 days after receiving the payment.


blue and yellow, green blue, grey pink, rainbow, rainbow 2, red and blue, red and yellow, violet orange, violet yellow