Best banners for agility jumps!

The banners for agility jumps produced by are perfect for both training and professional agility competitions.

If you’re looking for filling of a jump wing – our banner is the best choice.


Width – 36 cm

Height – 36 / 71 cm

Technical specifications:

The banner is printed on both side on three-layered, weather-resistant material.

The banner is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. 

The banner with openings is better for outdoor use.

In order to secure the banner to the wing, you need 2 zip ties.

A personalised banner is a wonderful gift idea


We offer the possibility of free of charge personalisation of the banner in the agility jump. Just send us a file with your logo or picture and our graphic designer will prepare a visualisation and project of the banner for you. Before you decide, check up the jumps we have produced for our clients – visit our FB page. 


How to order a personalised jump? 

How to order a personalised jump? Just contact us by e-mai: </