Professional, 60 cm diameter,   standard tunnel for dog agility.

Tunnels are made from colourful, durable material. 

The enduring spiral wire guarantees that the tunnel will maintain its shape and diameter.

The standard tunnel can be used for training and competition.

We recommend them for inside use, particularly in dry and warm halls. 

For outside use and below zero temperatures we offer a more expensive version of the tunnels. The full antislippery tunnel, made of very elastic fabric that keeps its antislippery characteristics even in low temperatures,  can be used both for training and competition


For both standard and antislippery tunnels we recommend professional tunnel holders with antislippery bottom, designed especially for artificial turf.

Tunnel holder

Our tunnels are frequently used in FCI agility competitions, also high level. 


Availability: shipping 7-14 days from the date of receiving the payment. 


  • yellow
  • blue, 
  • red,
  • pink, 
  • purple. 


The spiral might be the same colour as the tunnel or one of many different colours available.


Maintenance: In order to keep the tunnel in good condition for as long as possible, do not compress it in below zero temperatures.


Safety rules: 


  • Remember to secure the tunnels with appropriate tunnel holders. We recommend at least 4 holders for 5 and 6 m tunnels, and at least 3 holders for 3-4 m tunnels. 
  • The 3m tunnels should be used only as straight tunnels. 4m tunnel can have a slight bend. 5 and 6 m tunnels can be formed in curved shape. 
  • For halls with dim and artificial light only we recommend light yellow tunnels. 


Useful links:


FCI agility regulations 


We can also produce to order  tunnels of 40 or 80 cm diameter. Please contact us if you would like to order such a tunnel. Contact.


Technical specifications: Tunnels are made from technical fabric, covered with PCV on both sides. Total thickness of the fabric is 0.55mm. Density 610 gr/m2.

Tunnels’ weight
Length of tunnel Weight
2 m 10 kg
3 m 13 kg
4 m 16 kg
5 m 19 kg
6 m 22 kg
Weight N/A
Dimensions 2 × 0.001 × 2 cm

1 m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m