We only use original patterns, designed by us and printed on the polyester material, which is weather resistant and can be machine washed.

The whole production process from designing, personalizing to sewing is conducted by one person, which enables us to control and ensure consistent quality of the products.


Our products are sewn in Poland, according to EU regulations concerning employment and payment.


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Collars & Leashes
  • Our collars can be 2,3 and 4 cm wide (padding adds about 0,5 cm to the collars width).
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  • Price table

    EU companies with EU registered tax number can buy the tunnels for net price, but only with delivery by a shipping company. When placing an order please state your tax number for verification
  • Collars
    SizeNet pricePrice with TAX
    S 20-35cm  
    M 36-55cm  
    L 56-70cm  
  • Leashes
    SizeNet pricePrice with TAX
    S 120-140cm  
    M 141-160cm  
    L 161-200cm  
  • Collar + leash
    SizeNet pricePrice with TAX
Custom Sets
  • Collars and leashes with custom text
    *We can print your dog’s name, club’s name, your telephone number or other text on our existing designs. We recommend that longer texts are used only on leashes in order to keep good size and visibility of the text.
     Net pricePrice with TAX
  • WeeHee custom
  • Collar with ID tag
    We can also print your dog’s ID tag on the collar.
     Net pricePrice with TAX
    ID tag  
    The sizes marked in red are not in stock at the moment.
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  • Full personalisation
    We can design a unique pattern just for you according to your suggestions and add your text. Specially recommended for clubs, breeders, as prizes for competitions etc.
    Price table
    projectnegotiable price

  • Pillowcase
    SizeNet pricePrice with TAX
    Regular 40x40cm  
    Othernegotiable price
  • pillowcase

We're launching new line of products soon: shading cloths and dog jackets to keep you and your dog cool during hot weather.

We are manufacturing them in Poland (EU) from the original ALUMINET O 70 material imported into EU, so no additional custom fees are added to the purchase price.

Currently we're producing and testing first products, full offer will be available soon

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Dog Agility Tunnels is the official sponsor of Norwegian Open 2015

 Pink antislippery tunnels for winner in each category



2 new standard tunnels with non-standard lenghts yellow 3,90m

for sale with 20% discount!

We can offer free tunnels to use at major agility competition (national championship, EO or AWC qualis or international competitions) - for more info contact us on e-mail.